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Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 03:48PM EST
AgSquared mobile is fully functional even when no internet connection is available. The app automatically takes itself offline when no connection is available, and synchronizes your data once a connection is re-established.

You may choose to manually put the app into offline mode when you're out in the field for a variety of reasons: to prolong battery life, to decrease bandwidth usage, or to avoid app slowdowns due to a slow and spotty connection. To manually enter offline mode, go to the settings page by clicking on the settings button on the upper right hand corner of the home screen:

Online mode can then be toggled on and off using the Online toggle button.

When the app is in offline mode, all edits are retained locally on the mobile device. The app synchronizes with your cloud-based AgSquared account when it returns to online mode. This includes downloading any changes that were made by other team members while the app was offline, and submitting any changes made on the local mobile device during that time so that they can be accessed by other team members on their mobile devices or in the AgSquared web application.  To learn more about the synchronization features check out this article.

  1. If multiple team members make different changes to the same activity while in offline mode, their changes will conflict when they are synchronized with the server. AgSquared will show only the last changes made to any activity when multiple conflicting changes are submitted. As a result, we suggest that if multiple team members are working on the same task in the field then only one of them should be tasked with recording the relevant information in AgSquared.
  2. To limit bandwidth usage, the Calendar loads one month of activities at a time, and does not begin to download a month's worth of calendar data until you visit the month for the first time in the Calendar. As a result, when you are in offline mode you will only be able to see activities in the months that you've already visited in the past while in online mode. If you intend to regularly review historical records or schedule future activities in the Calendar while in offline mode then you should make sure to first navigate to the relevant dates in the Calendar while online, so that all of the relevant data is synchronized.
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