Frequently asked questions

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 01:57PM EST
How can I reach you if I have any questions?
Email us at

Can I use the mobile app with a bad internet connection or no Internet connection?
You can! Nearly all of the app's functionality can be used in offline mode, and all of your data will synchronize when you go back online. Learn more. 

What mobile platforms do you support?
Android and iOS. Download the app here.

Can multiple people on my farm use the mobile app at the same time?
Yes! There is no limit to the number of people on your farm who can use the app at the same time. If you don't want to share your password with your team members, you can borrow their mobile devices briefly and log in for them. Once AgSquared Mobile is logged in it will remain logged in indefinitely until you press the Log Out button on the settings page.

What happens if multiple people try to save conflicting edits to the same activity while they're offline?
Every time our servers receive an update from a mobile app, they assume that it reflects the most recent change. As a result, if multiple people make conflicting edits to the same activity while they're offline then when whichever person goes back online last will be the one whose changes are saved. Our suggestion is to avoid this situation by assigning one person record keeping responsibility when multiple people are working on the same task at the same time.

Is the app available in different languages?
Yes! Right now it's available in English, Spanish, and Polish. Want it in other languages? Please let us know!
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