Cost tracking with your Mobile Calendar

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 03:47PM EST
As an AgSquared Plus user you can track your usage of resources - labor, machinery, and supplies - on each of your activities. As you track that information activity-by-activity, it will be tallied planting-by-planting and crop-by-crop to show you your total cost of production.

You enter resource usage quantities on the activity edit form. To get there, press on an activity in your calendar to open its details screen, and then select the edit  button in the upper right-hand corner.

Resource usage tracking is done in the Additional Details section at the bottom of the activity form. If you're an AgSquared Plus user, you'll see Staff, Machinery, and Supplies options there.

Select the resource category you'd like to add to the activity to open a menu of all of the resource items you have in that category in your AgSquared account. (These are added in the web application, and cannot be added or edited in the mobile app.)

Then select the resources used for the activity. You'll note that when you select resources, quantity input fields appear for any resources for which cost tracking was activated when they were set up in the AgSquared web application.

Enter the relevant resource usage quantities and press the Done button when you're finished.
This will return you to the activity edit form, where you'll see your resource usage quantities reflected in the form.

Another important option available to you is to track your resources that are cost recorded by time using the Labor Timer Feature.  You can learn more about how that works at this article link.

At the top of the edit form, make sure that the activity is marked complete - resource usage tracking is only possible on completed activities.

If you're entering resource usage for cost tracking purposes, make sure to link the activity to at least one planting, as costs are tallied on a planting-by-planting basis.
Once you've entered all of your resource usages, you can Save the activity by pressing the Save  button on the upper right hand side of the form. Alternatively if you'd like to discard your changes you can cancel by pressing the back  button.

Once you save your activity, your resource usages will be recorded in your AgSquared account in the cloud. You'll be able to see tallies of your resource usages and costs on the Cost tabs of each Crop and Planting in the web application's Crops tool.
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