Setting up your Vertical Farm as a Place in AgSquared

Last Updated: Feb 17, 2018 06:07PM EST
In AgSquared you can customize your growing location to include all of the details of your vertical growing layout and setup.  In AgSquared we describe a place where crops are grown as fields or growing enclosures.  Each field and growing enclosure includes the dimensions of the growing area as well as a beds layout.  These details can easily be configured to account for your vertical layout and dimensions.

The first step will be for you to go into the Places tool and add your Fields and Growing Enclosures.  You can learn more about how to do that in this article link

Once you have added your Field or Growing Enclosure to your places tool, the next step is to add beds to that new place.  You can learn more about how to add beds in this article link

The term "Bed" in AgSquared is used to describe a specific growing area and was originally created to designate an in-ground grown horizontal bed.  However when you are setting up your vertical growing operation in AgSquared you can easily use the beds features to organize your vertical layout and setup requirements. 

Beds can be adapted to any vertical tower layout.  Here are a few approaches that vertical growers can take when organizing their beds:

1. Each bed can represent a tower.  For example if the tower has an 8 ft. length of growing space than your would create a bed for each tower and each bed will be set up to be 8 ft. long.

2. If your layout is rows of horizontal towers than the beds feature can be set up so that the sum total length of growing space of the combined towers represent the total length of the bed.  For example if you have a row of 10 towers that are 8 ft. in length than they can represent a bed with a length of 80 ft.  (8 ft. length x 10 towers)

3.  If you organize your towers in a non-linear shape or a varied grouping of towers than you can just take each grouping and make it a bed.  When using this approach the sum total length of growing space of the combined towers in the non-linear grouping represent the total length of the bed. .

If you have any questions about how to organize and set up your vertical layout in your AgSquared account please email us.  After setting up your Places the next step is creating crops and plantings in the Crops Tool.  You can learn more about how that works in this article link.  After creating your plantings you can assign them to the beds in your vertical towers, you can learn more about assigning plantings to beds in this article link.
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