Hide Inactive Plantings

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 03:49PM EST
The Hide Inactive Plantings setting allows you to see only those plantings that are currently active when you're linking a planting to an activity or a harvest. This can be particularly useful if your account has many inactive plantings in it (e.g. if you've been using AgSquared for more than one season or if you plant many successions of the same crops during a single season).

Hide Inactive Plantings can be turned on and off on the Settings page, which is accessed using the Settings button in the upper right hand corner of the Home screen.

On the settings page, Hide inactive plantings can be turned on and off using a toggle button:

Active plantings are defined differently for activities and harvests:

In the Calendar, active plantings are all plantings where the activity date falls on or between the initial sowing date and the final harvest date of the planting.

In Harvests, active plantings are those where the harvest date falls on or between the first harvest date and the final harvest date of the planting.

  1. The Hide Inactive Plantings setting relies on your having entered initial sowing, first harvest, and final harvest dates for all of your plantings when you set them up in the Crops tool of the AgSquared web application. Any planting that is missing the necessary dates will always be shown.
  2. There may be times when you want to link an activity or harvest to a planting that is not currently active, e.g. if you're doing soil preparation a week before planting, or if the weather allows you to continue harvesting beyond your expected final harvest date. In these cases you can turn off the Hide Inactive Plantings setting temporarily to find the planting you're looking for.
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